Swipe Your Own Credit Card Only


Credit cards are widely used as a convenient means of payment. In order to protect the security of cardholders’ accounts and curb counterfeiting and fraudulent use of credit cards, the US regulations on protecting the security of credit card accounts and laws against credit card crime are very strict. Credit card strictly restricts personal use. It is a serious violation of the law to use someone else’s credit card to make purchases without authorization. Even if the cardholder agrees to others to swipe their own card, the swiping behavior of others violates the credit card use regulations, and the cardholder cannot be protected by the bank when it suffers economic losses or disputes. Stealing personal information and forging credit cards are even more criminal acts. What needs to be reminded in particular is that foreign citizens who are suspected of credit card crimes in the United States will leave bad personal records, which affects their study, work and life in the United States, and may face serious consequences such as deportation or even imprisonment.

In recent years, there have been many purchasing agents on the Internet and social software. Criminals, in the name of purchasing agents , used considerable “cashback commissions” to induce the parties to use the unidentified credit cards provided for shopping, and pay them a certain commission afterwards. Some people are not very aware of the law, thinking that it is no big deal to help others to buy something by swiping their card, but they do not know that the relevant behavior has violated the law. Some criminal groups steal citizenship information, falsify other people’s credit cards to make purchases, and sell them through the Internet at significantly lower prices. There is no windfall fortune. Buying goods or services purchased with forged credit cards for the sake of petty bargains may make your suffer from online fraud, and even bear corresponding legal liabilities.

Therefore, be careful:

1. Be sure to keep well your credit card, never disclose the credit card number, security code and other information at will, and do not enter personal account information on suspicious websites.

2. If you find that your credit card has been stolen, contact the issuing bank immediately and call the police. The sooner the better.

3. Do not use fake credit cards.

4. Do not use credit cards from unknown sources.

5. Do not use other people’s credit cards.