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Direct Payday Loans

What Is Direct Payday Loans

Traditional loans can be hard to get hold of in this financial climate. Times are hard and many people are budgeting more carefully. But no matter how stringent we are there's always a time when an unexpected bill appears and needs paying urgently. It could be anything from a family emergency to trouble with your car. Without your car you might not be able to get to work, and if that happens this could easily affect your income. So, rather than waiting days for an appointment with a bank many people are now turning to Direct Payday Loans in UK.

A Payday loan is where you borrow a sum of money until your next payday. A direct Payday loan comes directly from the provider of the money, rather than from a financial broker.

How To Apply

Applying for a direct Payday loan from leadloans can be done from anywhere. From home, work, or even from that troublesome car! We're online, so all you need is access to the internet.

Knowing the amount you need to borrow you then determine when you will be able to afford to pay it back. If you find you can repay the loan earlier than planned there's no penalty incurred. Early repayment reduces the amount outstanding, as less interest is applied. Many people choose to repay their loans on their next payday. Our direct Payday loans can run from a few days up to one month, while amounts vary from £25 to £400.

With the amount you need to borrow in mind, and a date determined when to repay it, you can then use our calculator to work out exactly how much will need to be repaid on your selected date. You can adjust this amount by having it over a longer period (given that it's within one month) or reducing the timescale instead.

With that information to hand you then click on the link provided. Established customers can log back in to their accounts, while new clients are asked to register. All you do then is fill in the details asked for, including bank account details so we can pay you, and then you will quickly have your decision. We use the UK Faster Payment System (FPS), which means that the funds can be in your account in 15 minutes! If your bank is not a member of this organisation we will transfer the funds by BACs, which will only take 3 working days.


Don't worry and wait. For a direct and fast Payday loan contact leadloans using the links provided.


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