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Manage Your Money Problems

Direct Payday Loan Options In UK

When needs must and an urgent bill needs paying we usually have several options. But it could be that our credit cards are maxed out and we cannot get an appointment to see our bank manager for several days, or the bank simply refuses to grant an overdraft. The APR on Payday loans are high compared to credit cards and authorised overdrafts, so if you can indeed wait then these may not be your best option. But if you get declined by your bank or your need is urgent and you need a loan quickly, fast Payday loans from leadloans could be the right choice for you.

The Payday Loan Solution

Payday loans are a financial solution that does exactly as the name suggests. They're a short term loan to be repaid within a month, and this is often done on the next payday. You can apply for sums between £25 and £400, for a period of a few days to the maximum of one month. By determining how much we need to borrow, and when we'd like to repay it, we can use the calculator provided and know exactly how much we will need to have in our account to meet this obligation. Applicants must be over the age of 18 and are required to be UK residents with a regular income. They also need to hold a UK based bank account with a debit card and have a mobile phone and email address, in case we need to contact them.

Responsible borrowing is paramount in this day and age and sometimes we are already struggling to make ends meet. If this is the case, and a Payday loan might cause even more strain on limited resources, then this solution might not be for you. If you have any doubt about your ability to repay the amount borrowed then you should refrain from applying. It should be noted that Payday loans are not a solution to long term financial issues but are designed instead to help customers facing urgent bills, while funds to deal with this aren't currently available but will be in a few days or weeks. A bad credit history will be taken into account but might not be a bar to a successful application, as many factors are considered.


If you need a direct Payday loan then click onto our link and follow our step-by-step guidelines. Successful applicants can receive funds directly into their account within 15 minutes of approval. So if you need a loan urgently contact us now.


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