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How To Get Out Of Payday-Loans

Know Your Obligations

It Will Help You Get Out Of Payday Loans Quickly

At leadloans we take our financial responsibilities very seriously. Although a customer may have a bad credit history this may not be a bar to their taking out a short term loan with us. This is because we take many things into account, primarily their ability to repay the payday loan through employment or other regular income. Once we have approved the loan it is paramount that the customer sticks to the date they agreed to repay it. When the date for repayment comes we will automatically apply for the sum outstanding, using the debit card details you have given us and which we will have tested. Should the transaction be declined we will then attempt to take lower amounts, to reduce the total you have outstanding and which will be accumulating interest. An administration fee may apply if your payday loan is not repaid in full on the due date.

Should we continue to be unsuccessful we will then try to contact you, using the mobile telephone number and email address you have provided. We will use all means at our disposal to get a hold of you, including telephone calls, SMS, email and regular mail. Our aim is to work with you to resolve the repayment situation. It is part of our customer care to be as discreet as we can when dealing with our customers. However, when applying for a Payday loan with us you agree to our procedures in dealing with defaults.

We will continue to endeavour to resolve the issues amicably but should we continue to be unable to contact you then we will have no option but to put the case into the hands of our solicitors and debt collection agencies, who then attempt to recover the funds on our behalf. This may include a home visit.

Encountering Problems

Should the repayment date arrive and you find that you are unable to meet your obligations it is essential that you contact us. We will work with you to try and resolve the problem. Not meeting the repayment date could easily affect further any further dealing with leadloans. Do not ignore the debt and hope that it will go away. Stay in touch with us, we will always do our best to assist customers who remain in touch and keep us informed.

We consider complete customer care extremely important, and it is imperative that you work with us to overcome any problems you might be facing with regards to repaying your loan.

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To contact us follow the links on our site. Should you prefer to speak to our staff you can do so by phoning 01535625789 . Our well trained staff will always be happy to hear from you and to help with any issues or concerns.



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