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Find Leading Payday Loan Companies

Where To Find Payday Loan Companies And Not Brokers

Payday loan companies not brokers such as us advertise on billboards, in magazines and newspapers, direct mail, but primarily on the internet. All you need to do is type Payday loans' into a search engine, such as Google, and instantly you will see just how many companies are out there. Each of them are different, their APR and loan application charges vary, as does their procedures. Payday loan Brokers can apply to various companies such as ourselves for you, and find the deal they believe is best. But what many people don't realise is that they then add their own fees to your bill, and you end paying more. By going directly to companies, such as ourselves, you will save both time and money - an important consideration when you have little of both.

We at leadloans pride ourselves on our rapid service. Our customers come back time and again, because they know that it only takes moments to fill out our streamlined forms. They also know that they will get a response quickly and the money they urgently need can be in their account within minutes. We're renowned for doing what we say, we deliver dosh - fast!

What You Need

When you apply for a fast Payday loan with leadloans we ask that you:

Are a resident of the UK
Are over the age of 18
Have an operating UK bank account, with a serviceable debit card
Have a regular income
Have a mobile phone and email address
Knowing how much you need to borrow, you then determine when you'd like to repay it. The loan can run from a few days to a month. You can even make the repayment early if you wish, without incurring any financial penalties. Most of our customers chose to repay their loan on their next payday, but you can do so at any time - so long as it's by the date agreed.

With this information to hand all you need to do now is click onto the links provided, register for an account (if you don't already have one with us) and then provide the information asked for both honestly and in full. Failure to do so could lead to delays or even your application being declined. This streamlined process takes mere moments and you'll have your result instantly, and once approved the funds could be in your bank within minutes.

Contact Us

To apply for a fast Payday loan, simply click on the link provided. When you need money fast, don't delay - apply now!


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