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BitDefender is the leader in many anti-virus software with less than one hour of new virus response time.

BitDefender 2011 Technology New Advantage


More protection


Many of today's stealth viruses are designed to be dormant at the beginning, so as to avoid anti-virus software killing, only when your computer is most vulnerable. Bit Vander 2011 uses a cutting-edge security system, active virus control,


Monitor all processes on your computer for 24 hours to prevent any malicious behavior and prevent any loss.


Faster speed


Faster scanning to handle a large number of new viruses. Bit Vander optimizes the scanning process to avoid scanning known security files. Bit Vander 2011 scans computers for half the time of previous versions, while reducing the need for system resources.


More convenient to use


At the same time meet the different needs of novice users, intermediate users and professional users, humanized definition of different components in different modes, quickly modify component configuration, use the most appropriate and optimized user experience and operation.


Improved parental control


A new feature of the Parental Controls module is the new reporting system that allows parents to directly understand the website address their child specifically visits. In addition, parents can set the time when their child can go to the web or use certain applications.


Improved intrusion detection


Bit Vander detects and blocks attempts to change the behavior of important computer system files or the registry and warns against code injection (DLL injection) attacks.


10 years of the world's first old anti-virus software

BitDefender is one of the fastest and most effective internationally certified security software products in the industry.

Since 2001, BitDefender@ has continuously raised requirements and established new standards in proactive security protection. With its establishment in Germany, Spain and the UK, BitDefender@ officially entered the international market. Today BitDefender@ is implementing a global expansion plan based on a series of strategic partnerships to strengthen its position. In addition, BitDefender@ has begun to focus on the development of the Asian market. 

At the end of 2007, BitDefender@ received an investment to support the global expansion of its products and to equip senior leaders in the antivirus and data security industries. The investment group consists of private investors from Romania and the United States with considerable investment experience in the IT department.

BitDefender@'s proprietary technology combines innovative thinking and the latest trends in the information security industry, and has been recognized by international authoritative organizations and certification authorities (Av-Test, Virus Bulletin, ICSA lab, Checkmark, IST Prize, etc.) and at home and abroad. Received a variety of awards. BitDefender@ is the only Southeast European company to be awarded the European IST Innovation Award by the European Commission and the only 18 European academic research representatives. In 2008, BitDefender products won the first place in the consumer protection report held by the world's largest consumer report publishing company!

Every year, BitDefender@ launches the latest desktop products and also provides a patch suite for new features based on innovative technology for businesses. In 2006, BitDefender@ introduced its unique B-HAVE detection technology, a behavioral heuristic analysis in a virtual environment. In the same year, a new heuristic detection technology, NeuNet, was combined with the BitDefender@ solution. At the same time, the BitDefender@ engine introduces a garbage image filter, which is an important step in combating new spam technology. BitDefender@ demonstrated its new system security solution, Mobile Security, in 2007, which provides real-time anti-virus protection for mobile devices such as smartphones and PDAs.

Every day, BitDefender@ provides comprehensive protection for millions of home and business users around the world, giving them the freedom to enjoy digital life. BitDefender@ solutions now have value-added resellers and reseller partners in more than 100 countries around the world.


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