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Do I Qualify For Cash Loans

Requirements For Cash Loans In UK

Every company that deals in finances have set criteria that need to be met. Ours are that our clients have to be over 18 years of age and need to have the following:

A functioning UK bank Account.
Be in paid employment.
Have a valid mobile phone number.
Hold an email address.
Our customers' bank accounts have to be held in the UK, as it is this account that funds are paid into and from which repayments are then made. Customers can use their bank debit card as a repayment method. We also need to ensure that our customers have a regular income, to ensure that they are able to repay the loan.

We may need to contact you at some stage and it is important that we can do so easily, should the need arise. To this end our customers require both a mobile phone and an email address. This information comes under our data protection policy and is not supplied to third parties for marketing purposes.

Do I Qualify for Cash Loans?

This is a question that all our customers ask. If you meet the above criteria then the answer is most likely yes. All you need to do is determine how much money you need, enter it into our calculator along with the date you'd like to repay us (this is usually your next payday) and you'll instantly know how much you will need to repay at that time. All you do then is use the link provided and follow our easy step-by-step guidelines. Before you know it your application will be completed and more often than not a decision will be with you in minutes. If you prefer you can call us on 08452 591 911, and our helpful staff will take you quickly through our processes.

Cash Payday loans from leadloans are for sums of money of up to £400 for first time customers, which have to be repaid from within a few days or weeks, most commonly on your next payday. leadloans's Payday loans are designed for those sudden unexpected bills or other emergencies, and should not be used as a means to resolve long term financial issues.

Contact Us:

To process your fast Payday Loan application simply click on the link provided and follow the guidelines. You'll have your decision quickly and monies can be paid into your bank before you even realise it. If you prefer you can call us on 01535625789, and our well trained staff will be happy to take you through our process.



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