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How Payday Loans With No Broker Works

What are Payday loans for?

From time to time all of us face situations where we need money, fast. No matter how well we handle our finances there are always those unavoidable situations that crop up from time to time. This could be anything from the car needing urgent repairs, a family emergency, a plumber or electrician, or perhaps payment for a school trip - any of the thousands of issues that leap out at us unexpectedly from time to time.

Why No Broker Payday loans

Arranging a long term loan with a bank or building society can take time and not be what we want; all we might need is a short term loan to cover this unexpected expense. This is where no broker Payday loans come in and where leadloans offers their expertise.

What many people don't realise is that going to a broker only adds further expense, as these organisations do not provide the funds themselves but source them from a selection of companies, such as ourselves. So, whatever loan they arrange, you also have to add their fee on top of it - even if you do not realise it as their fee may be absorbed in other fees so you cannot see it. The ideal solution is to come directly to no broker payday loan lenders, such as leadloans and we can have the funds in your account quickly, without that added expense charged by the brokers. Loans can be anything from ?50 to ?400, and run from a mere few days to several weeks - usually to when you next get paid.

To find out how much you'll need to repay simply put the amount required into our calculator, then select the day that you'd like to repay it. You'll immediately see exactly how much it is. We do perform a credit check and all you need is to be in paid employment, have a UK based bank account and a mobile phone. You also need an email address and be 18 years of age or older. You can apply online, or call us on the number below and our highly trained staff will take you quickly through the process. Then, before you know it, the funds will be in your bank and you can pay that bill. Many of our customers come back time and again, which goes to show how much our clients appreciate our policy of complete customer satisfaction. So, whenever you need a Payday loan get in touch - we're here to help and, more-over, we do so quickly.

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You can apply online using the link provided, or simply call us on 01535625789 and our staff will take you through the process. The funds can be in your account in no time at all. No more stress or worries and all you need to do then is repay the amount on the date agreed.


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