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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does A Loan From leadloans Work?

Our fast Payday loans are managed online, so our processes are both simple and quick. If your loan is approved the money could be in your bank within 15 minutes.

What Do I Need To Get A Loan?

To be able to apply for a loan with direct lenders you will need the following:

An operating UK based bank account with debit card
Be a resident in the UK
To be over the age of 18
In paid employment
Have a mobile phone and email account
How Much Can I Borrow?

Customers can initially apply for sums between £25 and £400. Should your account be run well, with this and subsequent loans, these amounts could be gradually increased over a period of time.

How Much Will A Payday Loan From leadloans Cost Me?

There is a standing administration fee for each transaction, and our interest charges are clearly and boldly displayed in our APR rate. Please note that the APR is the interest fee calculated over the period of a year, and as our loans only exist for one month you'll be surprised at how little you actually have to pay. You will be advised of the total repayment, including our standard charge, prior to any agreement you make.

Will There Be A Credit Check?

Yes, as a responsible lender we use a company called CallCredit for credit checks on our customers. However, if you have bad credit this may not necessarily be a barrier, as other factors are taken into account. Our prime interest is that you will be able to repay the loan on the date agreed.

What If I'm Already In Debt?

We take our responsibilities seriously and will look at your current financial commitments, loaning only to those who are in a position to repay funds on the date agreed. If you are already struggling to pay your current commitments it may mean that you won't be able to meet your obligations with us, in which case you should not apply for a loan.

What If I Have A Bad Credit History?

A bad credit history may affect our decision on approving a loan. However, this isn't the only factor taken into account and so not necessarily a bar to having a loan with us. It should be noted that Payday loans are not intended as a means to repay existing credit obligations.

What Information Is Required?

We will need your full name, age, address and bank details. This is so we can be sure of whom we are dealing with. In addition we will require details of your income. All information must be supplied honestly and accurately; or there could be a delay in processing your application.

Do I Need To Have A Job?

You do need to be in employment with a regular income to apply for a loan from leadloans.

Can I Get A Loan If I Don't Own A House?

Yes, we loan to those who rent.

Do I Have To Give A Reason For The Loan?

No, you do not need to give any reason when applying for a loan with us.

Do I Need A Bank Account?

Yes, it is a requirement with us that all applicants have a UK based operating bank account with a debit card. There will need to be a minimum of £1 in the account for checks to be carried out, although no funds will be withdrawn from your account during this process.

Is leadloans A Member Of Any Official Financial Body?

Yes, leadloans is licenced by the Office of Fair Trading (Consumer credit Act 1974) and our credit licence number is 644461. We are also notified for the Information Commissioner's Office, under the Data Protection Act - appearing on the Register of Data Controllers. Our membership of the Consumer Credit Trade Association means we are bound by their strict code of practice when dealing with customers. We also adhere to a stringent complaints procedure, ensuring that any complaints are dealt with quickly and professionally.

Will leadloans Be Right For Me?

People from all walks of life use leadloans, and it's a case of whether you can wait for the money you need. If you can, then there are cheaper options out there; if you can't then you've come to the right company. We're exceptionally fast at what we do and can have the money you need transferred to your bank quickly.

Is leadloans A Reputable Company?

Yes, leadloans is a direct payday lender and not a broker and work closely with other reputable companies such as CallCredit, Lawrence Grant Chartered Accountants and Darlingtons Solicitors. We take responsible lending very seriously and our aim is to assist our customers in their time of need, not to add to their burden.

Will The Loan Application Process Take Long?

Our application process takes a very short time indeed and you could have your decision in a matter of minutes.

When Would The Money Be In My Bank?

Once approved the funds could be in your account within 15 minutes. This is because we use the UK Faster Payment Service (FPS). However, this also depends on how fast your bank updates their system. Additionally, if your bank is not a member of the FPS it could take up to 3 days for the money to clear, using the BACS payment system.

How Do I Make Repayments?

All you need to do is ensure the money is in your bank on the agreed date of repayment. We then apply using the debit card details you have given us. Should the application fail we will endeavour to take smaller amounts to reduce your bill, and there will be a service charge added with regard to this.

Should you wish repayments can be made earlier than the agreed date. This will reduce the amount owing due to less interest being accrued.


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