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Our Charges

What Our Charges Are

We charge a nominal administration fee of for each transaction, and an interest rate for the duration of the loan. This is our total cost of credit, and our APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is clearly and boldly displayed on our website. This may sound like a high figure but actually the repayments are incredibly low. It should be noted that APR is an interest rate over the period of a year, while our short term Payday loans can only be taken out for the maximum period of a month.

How Much The Charges will Be

The fee we charge for each transaction is £6. Our APR is 1951%. For an example of how much our interest will be let's look at a Payday loan of £100. If you require this advance for 14 days the full repayment only would be £117.32 - and that includes our £6 fee! Consequently, if you take that £6 fee away from the repayment, you can see that the interest on this loan would be £11.32. Should you wish to have that loan over an extended period of 31 days, the amount to be repaid would be £131.05 - again this includes our fee.

The maximum loan we provide is £400. To have this amount over 14 days the repayment would be £451.26, while to have it over the longer period of 31 days would mean that the repayment would be £506.22. Again, both of these amounts are inclusive of our fee.

So you can see from this that our fast Payday loans are not only extremely reasonable but an exceptional service to have available. Our customers come back time and again, which goes to show that our valued service is not only extremely popular but also reliable. There's nothing better than having somewhere to turn when things get tough, and to know that the loan you get won't bear crippling costs when the day for repayment comes.

Contact Us:

If you need a Payday loan urgently, contact us. leadloans value our customers and your total satisfaction is our aim. To apply for a loan simply click on the links provided or, if you prefer, phone us. Our customer-care staff are waiting to hear from you right now. They'll be happy to answer any questions you have and alleviate any fears. You'll know exactly what you need to repay and when you need to. So, if you need a short term loan then contact leadloans - your premier Payday loan company. Like thousands of other satisfied customers you'll be delighted that you did.


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