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One of those horrible unexpected bills has appeared through your letterbox and you need to pay it urgently. But many of us in this financial climate are finding that funds are tight, and there's little room for the unexpected - no matter how well we budget. Banks can be so unhelpful at times and are reluctant to lend out small sums of money. This is where leadloans (a direct pay day lenders only) comes in, we can provide short term Payday loans for up to £400.

How To Apply

Many people are put off by bad credit ratings, but this needn't be an obstacle in a Payday loan from We do perform a credit check, but your credit rating is only one of many factors we take into consideration. Our customers do need a UK based operating bank account. This is simply because that's where we deposit your funds, and from where repayment will be made. We also ask for an email address and mobile telephone number, in case we need to contact you at any time. Paid employment is a necessity; after all we need to ensure there will be no issues or risks with any repayments. You also need to be 18 years of age or older.

Direct Payday Loans can vary from a couple of days to a month, and the sums we supply are up to £400 for first time customers.

Having determined exactly how much you need, and when you wish to repay it, all you need to do now is contact us. You can use the links on our pages, simply click on them and you will be transported to a page where new customers register and existing ones log in. The process from there is simple and only takes a very short amount of time. All one has to do is follow our simple, easy to understand process and fill in the information that you are asked for. On completion you will have your decision in a very short space of time and, before you know it, the funds could be in your bank account. All you need to do then is repay the amount when the time comes. Our customers come back time and again, knowing that it's good to have someone to call on in time of need - and how easy it is to get a short term loan from us.

Contact Us

So, if you need a short term loan urgently contact us! Click on the links or, if you prefer, call us on 01535625789. Our friendly staff will quickly dispel any concerns you might have and guide you through the process. Before you know the money could be in your bank. So, don't wait, contact leadloans now!



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