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Lending Policy

Taking Out A Loan

It's important that when you apply for a payday loan that you only take out what you can easily afford to repay, on the exact date that you agreed to do so. Taking out sums that you will struggle to repay could easily mean that you might need to take another loan shortly afterwards, or even worse end up in a spiralling circle of debt. It's extremely important that you understand your obligations and ensure that you will have the funds available for repayment when required. To find out how much loan amount you will have to repay check out our tracker. Simply load in the amount required and select the date you will be able to repay the loan. This will let you know exactly how much will have to be repaid, even before you've begun your application. It should be noted that payday loans are designed as a short term solution only, and not a means for resolving long term financial difficulties. If you find you need to take out payday loans repeatedly, shortly after previous ones, we may be able to discuss alternate means of addressing this.

Repayment Of pay Day Loan

On the date the payment is due you need to call us and we will apply for the sums owing via your bank card. Should there be a problem and we do not hear from you in advance we will endeavour to contact you via the phone numbers you will have provided and by email. We will also send you an SMS.

We may also attempt to reach you at your place of employment. We understand this can be embarrassing, therefore we use this as a last resort. If we are unable to reach you and the loan is not repaid, the loan will be passed onto our collections teams which may result in a home visit. Failure to repay on time could affect your standing with us, so if you need another loan there may be complications.

Contact us

If you'd like to discuss a payday loan option with leadloans, simply call us or apply online. We're hear waiting to hear from you and will quickly process your application. Our friendly, highly trained staff will explain any points you might need clarifying and take you through the process. You'll have your decision quickly and the funds could be in your account within minutes. Call us now, on: 01535625789.



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