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History Of Our Direct Loan Lending Company

Growth is the premier direct pay day loan lender company in the UK today. We've seen massive growth in recent years. Why? Because our customers are so delighted with our direct loan lending service! A company can count its success by repeat business with its clients and referrals on to others, and here leadloans's complete commitment to customer satisfaction has paid dividends.

Inspired by the growing need for fast direct Payday loans we filled this much needed niche, to become one of the country's leading direct loan lending companies in this field today. Aware that banks and building societies, the traditional lenders of money, are reluctant to loan small sums we at leadloans provide exactly this: usually amounts ranging from £100 to £400. We've done away with long complicated forms, so our process is quick and decisions can be immediate.


With traditional lending organisations taking days to reach a decision leadloans are exactly the opposite - we reach a decision quickly and this is the key to our success. We always advise that people check out the companies that they are dealing with. To this end we're:

Licensed by the Office of Fair Trading (Consumer Credit Act 1974). Our licence number is 64461. Companies must have one of these, as it is a legal requirement for providing loans.
Bound by law to keep your data safe and secure. To this end we are notified with the Information Commissioner's Office under the Data protection Act. You can find us on the Register of Data Controllers, and we will only use the information you provide for the sole reason you did so - under our Terms of Privacy.
A member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association. This binds us to a strict code of practice, which all of our dealings and procedures adhere to. We also have a stringent complaints procedure in which any complaints are dealt with both promptly and professionally.
A fully efficient service, working closely with some of the UK's leading companies; including Darlingtons Solicitors, the credit reference and management advisors CallCredit and Lawrence Grant, our Chartered Accountants.
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If you wish to apply for a fast Payday loan simply use the calculator provided. By entering the amount you need to borrow, and then the date you can repay it (usually on your next payday), you'll know exactly how much you will need to pay us and when. To process your application simply follow the link - or call us now on 01535625789.


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